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Orenpack Ltd. is a supplier of packaging machines, material and related accessories to the food industry and others in Israel. 
Orenpack Ltd. was founded in 1994 with the vision to serve its customers in the most professional way, aiming to achieve the customer's loyalty. 



Our experience proves a very simple principle that a satisfied customer will strengthen his relationship with a good and reliable company, such as Orenpack.
Orenpack Ltd. is based on highly qualified engineers, who have thirty years of experience selling and servicing packaging machinery in the Israeli industry. The company has an excellent reputation among the different industries existing in our market.

The General Manager - Mr. Judd Orenstein - is a mechanical engineer (BSC), graduated at the Technion University in Israel and has a second degree - Master in Business Administration. The manager used to be the chief engineer of the packaging institute of Israel and continued his activity in the packaging field by establishing and managing the company Orenpack. 
The Technical Manager - Mr. Reuven Wald - is an electronic engineer, graduated in Israel and got his first experience during his military service in the Israeli Air Force. His activity continued in the packaging field following the development of the machinery by the electronic and the computer involvement in the function of every modern packaging machine. 

The company consist on two more sales men and service engineer as well as the staff in the office. Orenpack is located in the new industrial zone of Or-Yehuda. Or-Yehuda is a town, 5 km away from the international airport of Israel and 15 km from Tel-Aviv, the business center of Israel. The offices include a ware house, a show room, a storage room for spare parts to enable the company to give efficient and immdiate service to its customers. All our customers are welcome to visit us in our office. Orenpack Ltd. is a member of The Institute for Advancement of Packaging and Design. 

Orenpack Ltd. Represent the following companies:
Ishida – Multihead weighers.
Loma – Metal Detectors and Check Weighers.
Digi – weight, price, labeling.
Vai – Vertical packaging machines TLM – Flow Packs machines.
ILPRA – Thermoforming machines.
Mespack – Horizontal machines for sachets.
Bradman Lake – Cartoning machines.
ITW Betaprint – Jaguar printers.


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